Day 65 – Hayden To Perth (330 km)

Hmmmm, the last day. There’s still one or two things to do at the start, but the trip is nearly over. No rush (again) though – Ellie was at work and would need to get home before me to let me in.

I started to walk a little yesterday evening towards “Hippo’s Yawn”, but got lost – just a bit – so that was the first destination. This is just another rock formation a little way from Wave Rock (< 1km). Yes – it does look like one:

Just north of Wave Rock is another large granite rock formation. I went for a short walk around these, but it was getting warm already, so I just focused on the aboriginal rock art at Mulka Cave. Surprisingly, there’s no rope, fence, or glass protecting them, and there’s no graffiti. Although, they are only around 400 years old.

OK, hometime. I was still in the wheatbelt, and was in it for an eternity – I knew it was large, but I had no real idea as to how big it was… I was travelling east to west and it’s longer north to south.

I did manage to find every grasshopper/locust (they were small – couldn’t tell) along the way. Those little Messerschmitts would just sit on the road and wait for the bike to approach, then lift off at the last minute. They hit quite hard on the knees, and they made a big mess on the front of the bike.

I knew when I was getting close to Perth: the forests started to appear and the traffic increased.

Then, the metro area got me:

I did a final refuel just before home, with a total distance covered of  22,559 km. I was done.

I had that confused feeling of being glad I was home, but wishing I was still out there. I know I’d only just scratched the surface as the ride was more about getting from A to B, and not about A and B. Ellie & I have lots to cover later.

So, time to start planning the next one. 😉