Day 64 – Esperance To Hyden

First things first – get some cash – lesson learnt. While in town I happened across their local Sunday markets. Since not much else was open I paid a visit. It’s pretty much just like, say, the Freo markets but smaller – and like all other country towns I expect. This though was placed in an area surrounded by some of their older buildings. Nice.

I also managed to pickup a nice lampskin for the bike seat for $55. First one that I’ve found that was large enough and cheap too. 😊

Last night I did a quick Google and spotted something I had to go and see…. Esperance Stonehenge. It was only 12 kms away so why not.

I’d already seen and walked inside (a while back) the original so I had high expectations. I have to say, I was worried on approach as the stones looked like polystyrene or something very fake, but that was the way they were “polished”. They’re made of pink granite from around the Esperance area and were meant to be in Margaret River before the project took a dive and a local rescued it.

They say it’s a replica of what Stonehenge would have looked like 4000 years ago – aligned with Esperance’s solstices instead.

It just seemed odd that it would be here. Anyway, a bit quirky but worth the visit.

Next stop Hyden. The road winds its way through WA’s wheatbelt – much of it yet to be harvested.

It’s a wonder anything grows here… the salt lakes would suggest it’s quite a hostile environment for agriculture.

I arrived at Hyden caravan park (adjacent to Wave Rock) and checked in. The weather was starting to turn foul (of course!) so I quickly unpacked, put up the tent, and went for my first look-see of the wave. It’s a lot higher than I expected (and yes Ellie – I’m wearing those horrible shorts!)…

The small dam at the top – which uses the large sloping rocks above as a catchment area:

The forecast storm was approaching, so I had dinner and climbed into the tent with wind and thunder all around. Tonight was my last night on the trip with just 350-odd kms to go.

It was starting to sink in. 3 years in planning and it was nearly over.