Day 61 – Wilmington To Ceduna (534 km)

Horrocks Pass is a short road that winds its way through the Southern Flinders Ranges. It’s a road that I’ve ridden twice before (to and from Adelaide in 2013). Each time the weather was crap at the time, so the views weren’t brilliant.

Yesterday I spent most of the day riding into a storm that also covered Horrocks Pass, so part of my decision to stay in Wilmington was to give it a chance to clear. That was a waste of time.

The road itself was covered by cloud when I woke in the morning, and the rain came a bit later to add something “extra special” to the ride. ☹

I thought of just hanging around some more but that would just waste time, the park wasn’t that interesting, the rain had come, and I could be there for a while. So, bugger it – off I went.

The rain wasn’t really the problem – just the cloud/fog. It slowed the ride a little due to reduced visibility, let alone not being able to see any of the surrounding vistas. So, next time! Fourth time’s a charm!

Over the previous week or so I’d also contemplated riding up to the Flinders Ranges. By now I had set my mind to just getting home. However, there was a part of me that still thought it was a good idea… until I checked the weather again. Where I thought it might have been too hot, it was going to be very wet… all of the rain I’d experienced north of Adelaide came from there. West it was.

Some re-planning again… during the 2013 rally to Adelaide I’d hugged the coastline from Ceduna down to Port Lincoln then up to Port Augusta so my initial planning had me returning just straight across and skipping Port Lincoln. However, a bit of discussion online and I’d put it back on the agenda. Thinking on it again over the last few days had me revert to the original plan again. I’d only be doing a right-hand turn when I got there, not hanging around for much of a tour, and all I’d be doing is delaying the return and burning more fuel.

While some find the road between Port Augusta and Streaky Bay/Ceduna quite boring – I don’t. It’s not dissimilar to the Nullabor actually – quite baron in parts with changing scenery – that’s part of the fascination.

I called into Kimba for a short break and look at their “silo art” and the “big galah”:

I did want to see Streaky Bay though. I remembered that I didn’t visit this town (south of Ceduna) in 2013 as I thought it was on a gravel road. So, I had to make sure I passed through it this time. As I rode in and looked for somewhere for an afternoon cuppa I focused on the local bakery – the same one I sat it in 2013. The moment I saw it I knew I’d been there before.

I must say, most of South Australia has been very much a series of déjà vu moments. Perhaps that’s why I have this feeling of just wanting to get home.