Day 45 – Port Arthur To Hobart (100 km)

I had heard of Port Arthur in primary school I think, but like many others, I became acutely aware of it after the shooting in 1996. On arrival you’re booked into a 30min guided tour and a cruise around the bay. The tour was really just a brief intro and allowed you to walk the grounds with a bit more knowledge of what you were looking at.

The place is huge – much larger than I was expecting. It’s a mix of restored buildings and ruins of all sorts: prison, barracks, commandant’s house, surgeon’s house, etc. as well as houses that were built later on that became part of the townsite.

I spent a good 3-4 hours walking around (nice to get spend some energy again). There was the occasional drizzle, but not anything to spoil the day. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who visits.

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