Day 39 – Phillip Island To Dandenong

The diversion away from the Great Alpine Road has actually given me an extra day, so I’m just taking my time now. As usual, it was wet overnight but now it cleared in the morning – kinda. I packed everything away except the tent to give it every chance to dry out before stuffing it into the trailer. While it was drying, I was looking at Google Maps to see what my day would bring.

I’d planned a tour of the Dandenong Ranges, with a stop somewhere to get some new gloves – my winter gloves had lost their waterproof-ness and weren’t going to work in Tassie. Furk me, while I was busy planning the day out, the furking rain hit again… completely saturating the tent. Had I been paying attention it would have gone in dry, now it’s sodden. Anyway, I packed and took off – I couldn’t wait too long.

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