Knee improving every day

ok – partial (only inside/medial) knee replacement is supposed to be a faster recovery time. I was able to ride the m/c 4wk+3d after surgery (with surgeon’s blessing)… much faster recovery than I was expecting. The knee still stiffens if I sit for too long without moving it, so I “dangle” occasionally when I’m riding 😉 . Xray 1d after surgery below.

Relocated Nook to AWS Lighsail has been hosted on GoDaddy for a while now. Most providers like them offer a cheap entry-level web hosting service as a discount on the first year or 2 or 3, then revert to the normal rates.

Well, I’ve been paying their standard rates for a while now – time to move. I had looked at AWS’s standard EC2 services a while ago, but found GoDaddy to be cheaper at the time (cos of that discount).

However, they’ve now introduced a new service (Lighsail) that seems rediculously cheap – and the micro/tiny instances are still faster than the GoDaddy equivalent. I could have hosted in Sydney for best performance (network), but for some reason the service limits the network bandwidth for this region. So, it’s hosted in Singapore – and again – still quicker than GoDaddy.

Given this site really doesn’t get that much traffic, I don’t expect it will scale the $$ that much (as AWS is a usage-based consumption model). If it does grow too quickly, then I’ll look at moving it again if need be. For the moment though – it looks good.

At the time of this post, the content of has been duplicated into a new Lighsail instance, but the domain still points to the original GoDaddy – requesting the DNS change now… I’m gonna migrate the DNS management of the domain to my personal email domain at VentraIP – their service seems quite good – no problems (really) since I moved a few years ago.

Knee (partial) replacement

So, Johan the surgeon described my cartilege on the inner (medial) side of my left knee as “like crab meat”. Hence the need for a replacement. The “partial” is only required instead of full as the outside is fine, and recovery is meant to be a lot faster.

So, in on Monday 17th early, on the table by 7am, and back in the ward afterwards by 11am, discharged on Thursday.

I had an epidural, so pain was minimal at first, then kicked in big-time, even with the uber drugs.

2wks later and things are healing nicely, but I’m still not able to bend my knee properly. I need to be able to get it to 110 degrees within another 2wks or Johan will need to do it for me under a general anaesthetic. In the meantime, it hurts like **** even with the drugs. He said it’s going to feel like I’m tearing it – oh joy – and it does.

Full lube & oil change

So, having been busy at work I’ve been catching up on medical issues:

I’m seeing a plastic surgeon today for the excision of a BCC in the nose (tip: don’t check Dr YouTube!). But sure when/how the procedure will be done.
Then, on Monday I’m having a partial knee replacement (left medial). This is a robot-assisted “Mako” procedure. I had a special kind is CT scan a while ago that is sent to the US where they design the parts and surgery, then send the program and parts back to Perth.