Tilly injured

Our “big girl” Tilly the German Shepherd managed to get a cut in the backyard somehow.

It turned out to be (we think) part of the barrier I’ve erected to keep Meika out of the garden – she probably got caught in the blade of a hole digger… ouch!

We had put the dogs into the back yard separated from us having a BBQ with Mum & Dad. Meika of coarse didn’t like that and was playing up. So, we think that during her madness was when Tilly hurt herself.

I initially thought it was only a bit of fur removed – a little red. So, next morning we were going to take her to the vet to check.  However, when she climbed into the back of the car I got a much closer look… a deep cut it was. So, off to Murdoch vet hospital instead.

4 hours, 50 stitches (40 internal), and $1400 later we had her back home. 🙁 Still,  she is part is the family.

Photos to follow.