Day 46 – Hobart (0 km)

0 – on the bike that is, but 11 km on foot. I wanted some exercise off the bike, so like Canberra – mission accomplished.

My timing in Hobart wasn’t the best as Irene and Grant had to work leaving me with the run of the house. I was out the door by around 9:30, and headed for the Battery Point… pretty much back-tracking the roads that I came in on, this time downhill.

Again, I just love the housing/architecture…

There were many million $$ houses I suspect, but just as many fixer-uppers… quite a few derelict.

At Battery Point I was reminded this town (and specifically Battery Point it seems) was the birthplace of Errol Flynn.

A few photos of the surrounding landscape and then I discovered my first uphill on foot. Several heart attacks later I made it to the top. I just followed the roads around the waterfront and then wandered into the CBD for a coffee followed by lunch.

Then off to the Royal Botanical Gardens – a bit further than I expected, but worth it in terms of the hike and also the gardens there.

I wandered around there for a bit, had a nanna-nap under a tree, lost my jacket (grrr!), and then headed back to Irene’s.

Several more cardiacs on the way – that Patrick St is a doozy! While struggling up the slope (read steep cliff) it starts to level out… you look up (coz the slope is so steep looking ahead just reveals footpath) and realise it’s just a trick… stage 2 starts.