Day 42 – Launceston To St Helens (230 km)

While I didn’t camp at Geoge Town, I still wanted to head up that way for a look. Rather than ride on the “A” road, I headed for the hills to see more of the countryside.

Through George Town and onto Low Head where they have the oldest operating pilot station (escorting ships into the harbor) in Australia, with a little museum attached. This was like a little village within a village, and  many of the buildings are available for renting as holiday accommodation.

In an attempt to avoid riding the same road twice, I headed east on a “C” road, until it turned to gravel. Unsure as to how long that would be gravel, a U-turn occurred and I retraced some of my steps.

Bridport was my lunch stop – coffee and pie from the local bakery.

Onwards. My plan (roughly speaking) was to follow the coastline… until the road became gravel again. It was just a little annoying they put a sign warning you that it’s gravel (and to be careful) only where the gravel bit starts… not 24 furking kms further back at the start of the furkin road! So, another U-turn.

I checked my map and it seemed St. Helens was the new target – plenty of time yet to get there. I’m glad this change happened – it took me through some fantastic scenery and roads. I would have missed it otherwise.

Along the way, I noticed a sign pointing to something interesting in Legerwood… these were carved by chainsaw from the tree as-is – done to celebrate the Anzacs in 2004.